Three things that I thought would happen at high school but didn’t.

As I enter the last 40 days of my high school life, I have come to the sad realisation that I am never going to make out with Heath Ledger circa 1999. Here is a list of other things that never happened during high school:

1. I would attend a party that was as crazy as Bogey Lowenstein’s. 

Bogey Lowenstein's Party, 10 Things I Hate About You

Bogey Lowenstein: The name given to all good party hosts since 1999

I had thought that, upon turning the ripe old age of thirteen and attending high school, I make an automatic transition into spending my weekends at out-of-control parties, getting utterly wasted and hooking up with strange boys. In fact, the only party I attended in during year eight was to celebrate the thirteenth birthday of my friend Ashleigh. Her mum treated us to facials made out of yoghurt and avocado while we talked about music exams and what lollies we were going to eat.

2. Some insanely handsome Romeo-type would sweep me off my feet and we would stay together forever. 

Could not have been further from the truth. I NEVER HAD A HIGH SCHOOL BOYFRIEND.

I recently found a diary that I had written when I was eleven. Inside was a series of deadlines for the upcoming years. To name a few:
First Kiss/Boyfriend – 12 years old
First Looong Relationship – 14 years old (lasts until the end of high school)

I apologise to my 11-year-old self. I hadn’t done so much as kiss a boy until the age of sixteen, and I can tell you that it did not end in a relationship. This was, in part, due to the kissing incident, but I digress. Eleven year old self, READ: YOU WON’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND, BUT THIS IS NOT A TRAGEDY. Far from it. I had – and still have – a heap of wonderful friends of the male and female variety, but I just didn’t feel like getting inside any of their pants.

3. There would be cliques, and cliques everywhere. I would ultimately chose one to become a part of. 

There were different circles of friends, but we never had a Queen Bee.  I say this somewhat sadly, although I know I should be celebrating the fact that Regina George did not attend my school. Maybe this is because our school is small, but within my group o’ pals alone, we have a cool Asian, a smattering of Varsity Jocks and four of us are band geeks. I am one of the band geeks, and you can probably tell (judging by the point made in realisation 2) that I am not of the overly sexually active variety. Together, I think they make up some of the Greatest People You Will Ever Meet.

So far, high school has been incredible. After reading this, you might think that I am some sad excuse for a teenager, but I promise that I will get around to showing you that I have done some cool(ish) things during high school. But that’s for another post.

Much love,
Darcy xoxox


Blogging 101 HELP

My first blog post and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Trying to attract a readership? Maybe. Reason why I care about said readership? Unknown. Basically I am a confused student in my last few weeks of high school, desperate not to miss out on a “high school blog”, something that I feel is a bit of a right of passage of every arty (ha! I just called myself arty) teenager.

I guess, if you’re reading this, you might be intrigued as to what I’ll be posting. I like to think that you would be, anyhow. The problem is, I have no clue as to what I’ll be posting. It could be attempts to glamourise the little slice of Australian suburbia in which I live. It could be about my rad real-life friends, or it could be about when my real-life friends start becoming not-so-rad (thankfully, this doesn’t happen all that often). There’s also the chance that my writing will venture into one – or more – of my favourite thought areas. Feminism. Equality. Australia’s downright shitty political situation.

If you’re still reading, you’ve probably gathered that I’m quite confused about what’s up. You’re right. I’m not quite sure as to what goes on in this part of the blogosphere. (do people even call it the blogosphere? Am I now a loser online AND in real life? Holy smack.) If you know, and are prepared to leave your mark on this currently shoddy-looking blog, please let me know what the deal is.
Much love xox

PS. I think I just asked for comments…
PPS. Is this a blogging no-no?

Over and out. For real this time.